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Reviews left from previous employers and co-workers for whom I am very grateful to have as part of my journey. 

Leah Flair- VP Of Marketing at ChartSpan

Managed Lindsay Directly 

Lindsay is a wonderful employee and personality to have on any team. She worked as the sole graphic designer on my team and for our company as a whole for about a year. During that time, she was able to take our existing brand design and take it to the next level. I challenged her with modernizing and expanding our branding guidelines to fit an array of deliverables and she rose to the challenge. She always comes to the table with fresh ideas and is always willing to brainstorm further.

Lindsay is one of the most kind, gentle-spirited, and level-headed people to work with. She is extremely positive, caring, and hard working. She is very team-oriented, always throwing out ideas, asking questions, and making a point to get to know her colleagues.

I am a tough critic when it comes to design and Lindsay was a delight to work with. She welcomes feedback and takes edits with grace. She is able to handle a fast-paced environment. She established a beautiful base for our company brand that I will always be grateful for.

Dale Macauley- Graphic Designer at Keyfood
Worked with Lindsay

Lindsay is an absolute treasure to work with! While working with her at Key Foods, she was an extremely thoughtful teammate and an incredible designer. Whether she was completing work early even with tight deadlines, or taking an extra moment to thoughtfully explain a tough design concept, Lindsay always went above and beyond on every task. Anyone would be lucky to work with her, she radiates positive energy and brings an unmatched enthusiasm to any workplace!

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