Mind Forest

Senior Thesis

My senior thesis focused on emotions, their triggers, and what we can learn about ourselves by observing them. When viewers walked into the gallery, they were greeted with vines from floor to ceiling – the smell of lavender wafting from the wall installation. They could hear mysterious noises and songs from beneath the helmets, beckoning in their curiosity. After Viewers put their head inside the helmet of vines, blocking them from the world, they would see an iPad mounted to the wall prompting them to explore a website called ‘Mind Forest.’

Viewers would enter the ‘Mind Forest’ website and be presented with 6 buttons. The buttons connected to an animation that played under the installation’s helmet. Each path evokes a feeling – the ‘Mind Forest’ presses you to ask why.

After the video, they would be asked which genre of emotion best describes the feeling that was evoked from the video. Three options appear, Positive, Negative, or Other. Each of these options is asked after choosing an animation.

Once a selection of Positive, Negative, or Other was chosen, a synopsis of the animation and which of its elements may have evoked their reaction appears. They were then brought back to the ‘Mind Forest’ homepage where they could choose to continue on their path of emotional exploration, or leave with the new self-knowledge they possessed.